Welcome to VAR2GO, an online tool for the annotation, filtering and mining of called variant.

Start by uploading a file, either a raw VCF (Variant Calling Format) or a table-converted VCF. The raw VCF file will be annotated using SNPEff (VCF 4.2 compliant format), and then converted to the table format used by VAR2GO.

The VCF annotations will be integrated with the Gene Ontology annotations in a gene-wise fashion. Browse and filter the resulting table using VAR2GO web interface.

Please have a look at the documentation for all the details.

Upload file

    Useful files

    •  vcf   sample_vcf_file.vcf Variant Calling Format (VCF) sample file
    • table sample_table_file.table Tab separated txt sample file
    •  pdf   VAR2GO_user_guide.pdf VAR2GO user guide

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