Marco Miele

Marco Miele

Dr Marco Miele is postdoctoral Fellow in LabGTP (Laboratory of Genomics, Transciptomics and Proteomics) at High Performance Computing and Networking Institute of National Research Council (CNR), Naples, Italy. He has a PhD in Computational Biology from the Second University of Naples; and he studied human membrane receptor ADIPOR1 complexed with adiponectin modeled in eukaryotic lipids membrane in his PhD . His focus was mainly on structure-function relationships of membrane proteins using conformational dynamics, modeling, docking and other structural predictions. He has worked on dynamics of mixed lipid bi-layers composed of DPPC and cholesterol with Dr Marc F. Lensink, in Ralf Bloussey's lab, at the Interdisciplinary Research Institute in the Biological Nanosystems team – Campus CNRS Haute Bome – Université de Lille, France. He was Postdoctoral Fellow in Department Laboratory of Ecology and Evolution of Plankton, in Mariella Ferrante team, at Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn di Napoli, Italy during January 2013 - September 2013. I am interested to determine and predict protein-protein interaction of intrinsically disordered proteins combing modeling, molecular folding and molecular dynamics


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