Ankush Sharma

Ankush Sharma

Dr Ankush Sharma is postdoctoral Fellow in LabGTP (Laboratory of genomics, transciptomics and proteomics) at High Performance Computing and Networking Institute of Italian National Research Council (CNR), Naples, Italy. He has a PhD in Computational Biology from the Second University of Naples; and his PhD thesis focused on Interactomic analysis of genes and proteins involved in chronic inflammatory diseases. He was a visiting PhD student in Professor Peter Csermely’s group ( at Department of medical chemistry at Semmelweis University, Budapest where he studied modular organization of protein’protein interaction networks. He was Postdoctoral Fellow in Center for individualized medicine in Department of health sciences at Linkoping University, Sweden during June2013- October 2013. He is interested in studying network level properties such as Rigidity, adaptability in underlying dynamics in complex cellular system. He is also a curator of genetic variants of human Sirt family for Leiden Open Variation Database (


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